Being Lazy: Some Advantages You Might Not Have Known

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Lazy people are the true masters of the universe
Laziness = Awesomeness

Not a lot of people might believe that, but there it is! All it takes is a little logic and common sense (not that a lot of people have it) to figure it out. So here I am, one of the many followers of lazism, trying to help people understand why doing nothing might just be for the best.

1. Lazy people help the environment.

Lazy people consume less. And it actually makes sense. If you are too lazy to get a high profile job and then too lazy to enjoy the chore that we call shopping then you obviously get by without a lot of pollution-y things. That’s eco-warrior stuff right there!
Put it this way, we need to stop using so much energy if we’re gonna save save the planet right?

2. Lazy people promote peace.

You ever hear of a perennially lazy guy/gal joining the army or a rebel group? U-uh.
Lazy people simply don’t care about who gets more reservation. They like sleeping and sun-tan more than reservation and nuclear weapons.

3. Lazy people provide others awesome career opportunities.

Lazy people are so natural at doing things for other people that they even let career opportunities fly by so that someone else can get the job.
You think if a lazy person was motivated enough to get a job, Bill Gates would still be where he is right now? Just sayin’.

4. Lazy people are extremely, extremely generous.

This is a bit like the above point. Now for a minute, lets assume a lazy person is sitting ona park bench, eating ice cream. Just sitting on a park bench enjoying the ice cream. Because thats what lazy people do. So anyway, a true hard-working guy comes and steals the ice cream and runs away. The lazy person is too lazy to do anything about it, which is the same as being generous for all practical purposes, if not intents.

5. Lazy people are naturally enlightened masters.

Normal people pay money to learn how to meditate, then spend a week in different yoga positions which will leave them tired for another week.
Lazy people spend so much time just happily staring into space, there minds a complete void of any content whatsoever, that they generally cross the enlightenment zone in the early stages of their life.

6. Lazy people make the best ‘gurus’.

Open Google Images please. Search ‘guru’. You’ll see several old men, few young men, sitting under a tree cross-legged. Thats all. If we base things on that, lazy people are definitely the best gurus, because sitting cross-legged and doing nothing is everything lazy people do. And lazy people won’t even have the energy to refuse people from sitting cross-legged in front of them, right?

7. Lazy people cause the least noise pollution.

Lazy people simply don’t yell all the time. They simply don’t. It takes too much energy which lazy people choose to conserve. Therefore, lazy people are truly environment and society- friendly.

8. Lazy people don’t expect anything much of others.

This is the greatest thing about lazy people. Unlike all the other demanding people that never seem to get out of our face, us lazy people want only one thing from you: call and order pizza.
We lazy people are a pretty easy bunch to please.

So the next time you feel like calling lazy people ‘a blot on humanity’, think long and hard whether its worth it. Because we lazy people are of too much benefit to the world.
Lazy dudes may be the true masters of the world. Even Yoda might acknowledge them. You never know.

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