Master Your Mind and You Will Master Your Life

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A lot of writing online these days is terribly confessional, and that’s great because some of us need to confess, to know that others are out there, know that people feel our pain, share our pain— whatever kind of pain that is — but it’s also, in a way, self-defeating.

Writing is an extension of thinking, and if you’re thinking about negative things, engaging with negative things, you can get caught up in a negative cycle, where all you do is keep drinking from the same dirty well. It’s a well filled with pain and negativity. It is bad for the mind and ultimately bad for you.

In other words, when you’re down— and being down is okay, otherwise humans wouldn’t be able to feel those emotions — you may engage with other people who are down, be in an environment that lends itself to feeling down, listen to music that brings you down, watch movies that bring you down.

You may talk a lot about being down, or get to place where you think about being down. “I’m just down,” you tell yourself.

But this is a self-perpetuating world of downness. It’s a world you’ve created. Maybe not all of it, but most of it. At a certain point you just have to shake yourself like — what the fuck am I doing?

In reality, my life is not down at all, and maybe yours isn’t really either. It’s all about perspective. Things might not be perfect, but heck, life isn’t perfect.

You had a hard life, you had some pain — okay cool, everyone does. Shake that shit off and get on with the fucking show. That doesn’t mean you can’t think about it, analyze it, try to understand it. Do that. Please do.

But also do this: get busy living, or get busy dying, as the wise prophet Andy Dufresne once said. Otherwise you’re dead already. Not dead in the flesh, but dead in the mind, dead in the heart, dead in the soul and the spirit. You’re dead in the very core of what makes you, you — you’re dead inside.

People in the worst conditions, people who have nothing, and might always have nothing— it’s amazing how positive they are. How much faith they have. They are alive.

People in the best conditions, people with everything — all they do is fucking complain. If it isn’t that, it’s this. They are faithless. Empty inside. They are dead.

Take control of your mind. Surround yourself with positive things, positive people, good ideas and good energy. Yes, this stuff is hard to find and takes effort to achieve. Googling it, Facebooking it, trying to find an app that will make it easier — that’s not going to do it for you.

It takes years. Could take a lifetime. But that’s all you have anyway — a life. This life.

Get started today.

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