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2 min readMar 27, 2020


Art by Devin Watlington

These are not easy times. Coronavirus has hit the world like a ton of bricks, disrupting economies and communities around the world.

But we are not helpless against this unseen enemy. Across the country and across the world, medical professionals are going to battle in our hospitals, clinics, and ERs, putting their own lives at risk to protect ours. Make no mistake, we are at war, and these are the people on the front line.

In order to win this fight, we must all mobilize. Frontline healthcare workers are running desperately short of personal protective equipment such as respirators, gloves and gowns. If you would like to contribute, go here: Frontline Responders Fund.

We also have a responsibility to show the front line that we see them, that their sacrifices are not forgotten. Doctors, nurses and medics are working around the clock, and are often isolating from friends and family to avoid the risk of infecting loved ones. It is an incredibly stressful, lonely time for our most important defenders.

Here’s how you can show your appreciation:

1 — Virtual Postcards

You may feel powerless while isolated at home, but there is a lot you can do with a simple message of love and support. If you have paper and art supplies you can create hand-made postcards and messages for our frontline responders. This is also a great way to get younger family members involved!

Post a photo of the postcard on Instagram or other social media using the hashtag #holdtheline. Tag @listenly_community and we will re-share.

2 — Write a Thank You message or record a short video

Post on social media with the hashtag #holdtheline, and tag @listenly_community.

Listenly will be featuring new appreciations every day at https://listenly.co/holdtheline. You can also email appreciations to us directly at holdtheline@listenly.co.

Holding the line means many things

It is the frontline responders holding back the tide of illness. It describes the care with which first responders uphold our welfare, and how our communities, in turn, are accountable to hold their needs and safety. It is the work we are all doing to flatten the curve of infection. And it is doing YOUR part by maintaining social distance. In the coming weeks, it will be tempting to break the line by visiting a neighbor or having coffee with a friend, but even small connections between groups impair the overall effectiveness of social isolation.

We are all in this together, and YOUR actions matter. #holdtheline.