When kids ask tough questions, what do you say?

Kam Kam in a state of wonder

I’ll never forget when my 5 year old cousin asked my aunt, “Mommy, what is a period?”

She looked at him with eyes wide open. She was not prepared for this moment. So she pointed him straight to me, a high school student at the time. “Go ask your cousin!”

He did. I always believed in answering kids’ questions truthfully. So I explained that a ‘period’ was just another term for menstruation, a monthly cycle in which the lining of a woman’s uterus breaks down and leaves her body when her egg isn’t fertilized. He just looked at me, nodded and said… “OK!” and ran outside to continue playing. I don’t know what sense that made to him. But I was glad my education helped me escape alive.

The Adventures of Kam Kam,’ our first independent animation, is inspired by that kid who learns about the world around her through creative play and asking her mom the big questions. The tough questions. Like, ‘Why is water wet?’ or ‘How much does the sky weigh?’ Parenting in these early years is like being on your own personal daily quiz show.

According to the Telegraph, moms are asked nearly 300 questions a day. This includes 11 questions at dinner time alone, followed by around 9 questions at bedtime. So here’s what I imagine the schedule of a parent/quiz contestant looks like:

Kam Kam’s 300 questions a day schedule

When kids ask questions, sometimes you have to wonder: What is going on in your head? And where’s that coming from?

We’re peaking into a kid’s imagination in ‘The Adventures of Kam Kam’ and animating what she sees along with some of those interactions with parents. We’re hoping to help parents answer the big questions they’re getting in this game show called Parenting. Including the 24% of dads who according to the same study the Telegraph reported, when they get a question, say “Ask your mom!”

What are some of the toughest and greatest questions a kid has ever asked you? Share them with us and join Kam Kam’s Peeps, and we’ll animate Kam Kam’s mom figuring out an answer on the spot to your kid’s great questions. Or comment below and help parents everywhere win the rewarding game of ‘300 Questions a Day.’

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