The 7 social circle types

Andrei Draganescu
Jul 6, 2015 · 2 min read

The world we live in is ultimately social. Based on simple biological conditioning socializing is deeply rooted in our psychology. From a basic need of peer security to higher needs such as recognition we continually seek social integration.

Society like many other things is split by class, by location, by education, by income, you name it. But the division of society at large is random and subject to change. However apart from the big, generic “society” there is the constant small, personal society — the one your life and decisions will make around you.

This small society is divided in 7 circles, as follows, the circle of:

7. humans
6. acquaintances
5. affinities
4. experiences
3. principles
2. intimacy
1. devotion

You will buy your way from one circle from another by paying with trust.

For each circle trust can be:

7. skeptical
6. circumspect
5. tolerant
4. permissive
3. circumstantial
2. conditional
1. unconditional

People in each circle are groups of:

7. peers
6. kith
5. partners
4. friends
3. companions
2. lovers
1. masters

Because trust is the currency of inter circle migration, there is of course a vault of trust. The vault of trust can be broken into using fine manipulation skills, but the key of this vault is sacrifice.

These circles are not what you’d expect. For example lovers are not in the closest circle. That is because love is unconditional only if it is reciprocal, therefore it is conditioned before being unconditional.

The finest form of manipulation, the thief that hears the clicking of the trust vault’s lock, is that which creates the impression of sacrifice. The rest of manipulation is far louder and crude, but is heard only by those who are aware of the trust vault’s existence in their soul. Unsupervised this vault is the target of every being you’ll ever meet.

Listicles On Life

life explained in LOL

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Listicles On Life

life explained in LOL

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