How to put texts and images together in Google Sheets using Listly

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3 min readJul 21, 2022


Looking for easy ways to put product images and descriptions together in a spreadsheet? Try Listly! It’s a free web scraping tool that helps you collect web data including URLs of image files in a few clicks. All it takes is an email address to get started!

Read on for easy tips to collect texts and images — you name it — from a website and put them together in Google Sheets.

Before jumping into data scraping, you may want to log into your Listly account to access your scraping history and data whenever you want. If you scrape a website without logging in, you may be restricted from accessing your data. So, please make sure to sign up and stay logged in to your account to have all your data without losing any of them!

STEP 1. Click Listly Whole to scrape a website

With Listly, data scraping gets easier. Simply click on Listly’s extension icon on your target website and click Listly Whole.

Adapted from IKEA. Source: IKEA

STEP 2. Click Google Sheets to download data

Click Google Sheets and download your data. (Yes, that’s it!)

STEP 3. Use the IMAGE() formula and add images to Google Sheets

If you open your Google spreadsheet, you will be able to find the image URLs where the images are being stored in the third and the fourth columns (Columns C, D).

Insert a new column to the right of Columns C and D, respectively.

Select the entire rows and adjust the height enough to insert images.

In this tutorial, we set the row height to 130 pixels.

Okay, now’s the time to use the image() function. Insert the following formula =image(”URL”, 1) to the first row of the newly added column (Column D). A “URL” refers to an address, so you can replace “URL” with the address in the first row and the third column as follows:

=image(, 1)

To fill the same formula hover your mouse over the bottom right corner of the first selected cell, then the cursor changes to a white plus sign. Drag the fill handle down to the cell you want to autofill.

Repeat this process for the fourth column (Column F) as below. The images will automatically appear. There you go! If you want to learn more about how to save product images in Google Sheets, check out our video tutorial on Listly TikTok.



Listly | Tips and Tricks

Listly, a web extension, simplifies web scraping without coding. This helps you collect and export enormous volumes of data into either Excel or Google Sheets.