Unlock Your Business Potential Using Web Scraping

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Ever wondered how web scraping works? You’re not alone! Web scraping, or web harvesting, is the process of using bots to extract data from a website. For example, if you just started out your business, you may want to monitor your competitors; if you’re a marketer, you may want to collect customer reviews and get user feedback signals for your marketing strategy.

Read on to find out how to collect customer reviews from Lululemon and save all data into a single Excel spreadsheet in just a few minutes!

Step 1: Go to the customer review page

Step 2: Click LISTLY WHOLE

Step 3: Go back to the website and copy CSS Selector

Step 4: Edit AUTO CLICK settings

Step 5: Scrape the website again and download data

There you go! For more detailed instructions, check out here. Try Listly now and take the customer feedback signals to your marketing strategy.



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