How to add a proxy server

[Quick Summary]
0. Why the proxy setting is needed?
1. Add a proxy setting
2. Refresh the task

0. Why the proxy setting is needed?

This is an example page to explain why the proxy setting is necessary. The page shows a list of stores in the United States.

The problem is that the site doesn’t allow requests with the IP addresses from hosting services such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. When the extraction is failed, Listly sets the task status as FAIL and takes a screenshot to let users check what happened.

The example page returned “Access Denied”.

Page Screenshot

This is the screenshot’s HTML source.

Page Screenshot’s HTML source

1. Add a Proxy Setting

Click the task’s Setting icon.

  • How to get the proxy server’s information 
    You can find “Free proxy server” in Google search. We just picked one of them and tried several times because some of the free proxy servers are unstable.

2. Refresh the task

Click the task’s Refresh icon. Successfully Done!