How to download multiple pages at once

[Quick Summary]
0. Prepare the URLs of multiple pages
1. Create a single Result and Add Group
2. Wait until extracting is done
3. Download Excel on Group

0. Prepare the URLs of multiple pages

(refer to How to extract Hyperlinks at one-click)

We will extract data from multiple pages (AliExpress Women’s Clothing)

1. Create a single Result and Make a Group

(If you don’t know how to create, please refer to How to start Listly)

A single result is needed to make a group because it will be the group source of other URLs.

Select Tab to make as group source.

Check the data that you’ve selected and Paste the URLs of multiple pages.

2. Wait until extracting is done

You can see the status of group extraction on Databoard.

Check one of the extracted data.

  • Tab Matched = Y means that Listly successfully found the same pattern.

3. Download Excel on Group