How to repeat scrolling to load more data

[Quick Summary]
0. When is it necessary?
1. Create a single Result
2. Add Auto-Scroll setting
3. Refresh the data
4. Download Excel file

0. When is it necessary?

Check this video. If your target page requires scrolling to load more products, Listly can automate the action with Auto-Scroll setting.

1. Create a single Result

Go to the target page and do extraction using by either LIST/Y WHOLE or LIST/Y PART. (LIST/Y PART is much faster than LIST/Y WHOLE)

There were 48 products on the page when we first extracted because we have scrolled 3 times to get more products. AliExpress’s Flash Deals page loads 12 products more per clicking.

  • Total 48 = initially 12 + loaded 36 more by scolling

2. Add Auto-Scroll setting

Go to Databoard. Click the Setting icon.

Select the options.

  • Repeat N times: How many times do you want to repeat scrolling?
  • Wait after scrolling: How long do you want to pause per scrolling?

3. Refresh the data

Almost done. Click the Refresh icon to extract again with Auto-Scroll setting.

4. Download Excel file

If the extraction is finished, let’s check the result. You can see that there are 132 cards extracted in the tab. As we mentioned above, AliExpress’s Flash Deals page presents 12 products initially without auto-click and it loads 12 products more whenever scrolling down.

  • 12 cards (first) + 10 times to repeat (our setting value) x 12 cards per scroll = Total 132 cards

This is the full demo. (