How to Export Thousands of Pages into Excel

This guide will show you how to efficiently extract thousands of pages for analysis.

Identifying content to extract

Fig 1.
Fig 2. Compared to Fig 1., some fields are omitted.
Fig 3. No information sometimes.

1) Extract the URL from each hyperlink associated with a lawyer name

Function GetURL(rng As Range) As String
On Error Resume Next
GetURL = rng.Hyperlinks(1).Address
End Function

2) Add these extracted URLs into Listly’s “bulk URL feature”

Fig 4. Extracting data from bulk URLs at once.
Fig 5. All URLs registered with successful results.
Fig 6. One of extraction results
Fig 7. Select “URL Group” and write down strings to search.

3) Generate a spreadsheet that contains information fields on each lawyer

Fig 8. Arranging type. 1-Card to 1-Row vs. Cards to 1-Row
  • 1-Card to 1-Row (recommended): mostly used. The content in a single card will be written in a row.
  • Cards to 1-Row: The content in all cards of a tab will be written in a row. We can also call it 1-Tab to 1-Row.
Fig 9. Note: More download wait time needed for larger URL sets
Fig 10. Thousands of contact information into a single spreadsheet.
Fig 11. Sorted by Column G using Excel’s data filter.



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