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Behind the Content of Not Boring

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Who’s Packy?

Packy McCormick is what I like to call, a career nomad. Seeking new activities, people to meet, and new industries to explore.

The Not Boring Newsletter You Know Today

Motivations for Curating

I always loved writing. I had a Medium account with about ten different drafts that I was too scared to send out — I knew I wanted to be writing, share my thoughts, stretch my brain, and deep-dive into a topic I was interested in. Plus, my memory sucks, I would read a lot of things and wouldn’t retain anything — so for me, the newsletter was the perfect selfish and selfless combination. I got started by taking David Perell’s Write of Passage course, I liked the regimented process and stuck with it and evolved with it.

Why did you choose this specific topic to cover?

It’s been all over the place with plenty of trial and error. The newsletters that are the most successful stick to a niche topic. It’s hit a few different audiences, but the people I love speaking to those in the tech space but want to understand the logistics of business. I didn’t get my MBA, but I would love for readers to gain enough framework to grow their business.

Do you have a goal for your newsletter?

My overall goal for my newsletter really changes all the time, at first it was to meet interesting people, continue growing my audience, and the end goal is to generate enough revenue and have Not Boring pay the rent.‍

What’s your process like when creating an issue?

Research and Collection

It really starts off with a conversation with my friends. I find out what people are interested in, then I do some digging and check out the different articles, search Twitter Threads, and do your average Google Search to see if I could offer a unique point of view.


When picking and choosing the articles I place in my issues, it’s super important to see who the author is and what publication it’s listed on. It’s also vital to cross-reference and explain why I decided to take that story, add context, and information about the author/source.


I write everything in Google Docs. When I find a topic I want to write about, I just write, edit, and then build something from scratch. I will then pull statistics, graphics that I created on Figma, and fill in the blanks.

The Disney Education FlyWheel


Publishing, in the beginning, was really hard. Before I created a Substack, I had a Medium account with 10 different drafts that I just didn’t publish. It will always be scary to publish but it’s important to keep in mind that no one cares if you have a typo here or a type there. You’re human and mistakes are part of it. Now, there’s definitely a sense of completion and excitement. The most important thing is that people are enjoying the content that I write and it’s even better when the readers let me know like replying to the email, tweeting the issue, or commenting on the page. The excitement that readers bring will always make me happy, which never diminishes or lessens.


Distribution and Marketing a newsletter is vital to the process. I start by adding a promo email along with a post on Twitter. Then, when the issue is published I post to:

  1. Twitter: This is the #1 spot. It’s where the kind of people who read Not Boring hang out, and my favorite place to have a conversation about the things I’m writing about. I’m a little addicted. I typically send a tweet with a link to the day’s newsletter once I write it, and then either later in the day or the following day, and tweet a thread with the highlights from the piece.
  2. LinkedIn: a great way to share with former co-workers, friends who aren’t on Twitter, and friends of friends. I’ve been surprised at how much traction LinkedIn posts get.
  3. Reddit: I find the relevant subreddits for whatever I wrote about that day and post. I made the mistake of just posting a link, and the moderators don’t love that, so now I copy and paste the full post into Reddit with a link at the bottom. Reddit’s pretty hit-or-miss. My most popular one was posting this Kim and Kanye piece in the KUWTK subreddit.



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