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Busy? We know. Quick-Read Newsletter Round-Up

Don’t have time to read? Just scroll through the list of stories.

We’re all busy and it’s super hard to keep up with everything going on in the world. Everything moves like the speed of light but there are only so many hours in a day. We compiled a list of the best quick-read newsletters for you to dive into, we’ll make this one super short, because, well, you’re busy.

The Tech Memo

Jeremiah Smith does an excellent job curating the best tech reads of the week. The tech memo is formatted for the busy techies that need to know what’s going on all-the-while saving a bunch of time. The best part is that most of the stories will not be featured on “best tech stories” or anything like that, these are hand-selected, top-quality stories that are the hidden gems of the tech world.

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tl;dr Marketing

tl;dr Marketing is an awesome email newsletter to receive every weekday. Saijo George’s format is perfect for those who are interested in being in the know and selecting the stories interested in exploring. It’s beautifully composed with plenty of visual aid to help break up the text. Mostly covering social media, SEO, and digital trends. Aside from the newsletter, Saijo George has a master list of all his favorite marketing tools on his site from beginner guides to SEO to A&B Testing and everything marketing in between.

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HeyDesigner is a curated newsletter for all things product from development to design. Tamas Siri selects his favorite reads of the day (or a week, that’s an option too) and keeps it short and sweet. Each article has a category and his short summary. HeyDesigner’s website is also something to check out if you would like to explore a specific topic. It’s segmented by Product Design, Design Tools, HTML / CSS, Product Development, Work & Life all with at least 10 subtopics underneath. It’s a great resource for a quick hustle.

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The Daily Carnage

Carney is a digital media agency that works with everyone from DuoLingo, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Carnegie Museum of Art, and plenty of others in between. As they know digital branding and marketing best, Gloria Pytlak and Stephen Gallivan created a “killer” newsletter called The Daily Carnage.

The newsletter starts off with their “Q for You,” which is an interactive quiz-like element that explores that specific topic. The next few sections include: Be In the Know, quick links to keep up with the news, a summary of a blog post mostly “how-to” or tactical style, a new tool to help streamline your marketing efforts, Now and Now which are both super fun, mix up your content consumption a bit, Ads From The Past, and concluding with a Quote of the Day.

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Starter Story

Starter Story is a newsletter covering startups and other industry news curated by Pat Walls. He includes 5 case studies along with a little snapshot of what you’ll find inside. It’s super clean, straight to the point, and full of great lessons and actionable solutions. If you are a serial entrepreneur, you should 100% subscribe (along with checking out Pat’s project #24hourstartup.)

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3–2–1 Newsletter

James Clear’s newsletter is one of the most well-known newsletters out there. 3–2–1 provides a gateway into mindfulness, professional development, and workplace impact. The reason why it’s called 3–2–1 is that James includes 3 ideas, 2 quotes, 1 question for you to ask yourself that day. If you like the newsletter, you should definitely buy his book Atomic Habits (it’s a super quick and easy read that will provide you practical strategies and insights to improve your life.)

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Some More Quick-Read Newsletters to Check-Out

  • Wall Street Journal’s Deals Alert: Major news in the world of deals and deal-makers.
  • Finimize: finimize helps you understand today’s financial news in 3 minutes, delivered every day.
  • Bloomberg’s Five Things to Start Your Day: Get caught up on what’s moving markets, every morning.
  • Cheddar’s Need 2 Know: Need2Know is a daily email newsletter that gives you all the news you need to start your day. We cover everything from politics and business to entertainment and the stories going viral. And we add a bit of humor so you can start your day with a smile.
  • WIRED’s Tech In Two: Catch up on techs' most important stories, in two minutes or less. Delivered every weekday.
  • Unbankd: Join Unbankd and unlock exclusive research, analysis, and takeaways alongside cryptos brightest minds.
  • Esquire Newsletter: Get six stories delivered to your inbox every day-plus a special Sunday newsletter featuring a piece you’ll happily get lost in.
  • FOX News Breaking News Alerts: Fast, 24/7 alerts to keep you in the know on the most important moments around the world.
  • The Upshot: Analysis that explains politics, policy, and everyday life, with an emphasis on data and charts.

Let us know what you think, hope we didn’t take too much of your time!

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