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How Republicans Plan to destroy America by Balancing the Budget

In their quest to destroy their own party and America, House Republicans are using the debt ceiling to “balance the federal budget.”

To explain, Republicans want to prevent the Federal government from borrowing in an attempt to force Democrats and the US Senate to slash federal spending. Hence, Republicans are refusing to raise the debt limit or debt ceiling, the amount of money the federal government can borrow.



Welcome to Lists of Doom; the Ultimate Listicle Publication. At Lists of Doom we know all listicles are 100% bullshit. Our listicles are just as dumb, meaningless, and inaccurate as any other listicle you will find online. However, we try to make our listicles funny.

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Daniel G. Jennings

Daniel G. Jennings is a writer who lives and works in Colorado. He is a lifelong history buff who is fascinated by stocks, politics, and cryptocurrency.