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The Horrible Democratic Plans for 2022 and Beyond

We thought it was impossible but the Democratic Party is getting worse every day. Disgustingly, Democratic leaders have plans to make their party even more awful.

They need to make the Democratic Party awful because the Republican Party is so dreadful ordinary people will only vote for it if Democrats are worse. Unfortunately, Democratic leaders have many plans to make their party totally awful so nobody will vote for it.




Welcome to Lists of Doom; the Ultimate Listicle Publication. At Lists of Doom we know all listicles are 100% bullshit. Our listicles are just as dumb, meaningless, and inaccurate as any other listicle you will find online. However, we try to make our listicles funny.

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Daniel G. Jennings

Daniel G. Jennings

Daniel G. Jennings is a writer who lives and works in Colorado. He is a lifelong history buff who is fascinated by stocks, politics, and cryptocurrency.

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