A Life Canticle

(in two voices)

Oh! my sweet child
My sweet sweet child
I drown, in your sea of innocence
As I try to hold it, and still
Land you gently, into this real world.

And yet I see, how your eyes
Are wise, as they watch and learn
From my flailing, as a parent
To the world, I’ve sent you to
To learn, and to become
You watch, and you become.

I pray that I flail, so rightly
I pray for the world, to hold back
Its misfortunes and temptations
I pray for you, a path of serenity
As I pray, that I am able to hold
This shade over your childhood.

Be good my child, and be wise
Learn, without being afraid to learn
Dream, so you can be limitless
Love, and be loved in return
And live, without malice
To life, and the world without.

And lastly,
Forgive me, my mistakes
For my life exists, only for you
As will yours, for your children
And their children, after them
And onward, till eternity …

A speck, in the eternity of time.

Unni Nambiar (April 27th 2008)