Beatnik Cool From a Frisco Bookstore

Hip and Jive in my fantasy mind

Mark Tulin
Lit Up
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2 min readMay 17, 2024


Books and Bongos by Mark Tulin
Books and Bongos by Mark Tulin

I became a wild-eyed beatnik
while reading Ginsberg, Corso, and Kerouac
at the City Lights Bookstore
I was sitting on the second floor
when a counter-culture vibe kicked in

For a few hours, I rejected conformity
and the materialistic ideals
of an apathetic society
I despised the modernization of idiots
The imbeciles of the status quo
The moronic malaise of computer screens
and social media

I was a cool Daddy-O
before the clock struck twelve
and I turned into a frog
I dug the Miles Davis horn
The way Gillespie’s pouches puffed out
and I instinctively snapped my fingers
across the Mason-Dixon line

I put a pair of bongos between my knees
and beat those skins, silly
unbeknownst to my wife
who was down the street
looking at earrings at an artsy kiosk
I recited poetry with a rhythm
that had no rhyme
that was off the hook
off the ledge
and definitely not…



Mark Tulin
Lit Up

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