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Judging Love

Aug 22 · 1 min read

a poem

Do two wrongs make one right?
When your husband dates my wife
Shall we too date tonight?
So we pay them not with knife
But with wrong, that’s our rights
Since our love is stronger
And truer
Than a husband’s
And a wife’s


When I met her, I wondered if her husband felt the same. With my wife.

Would we be the ones who were having an affair, had we met earlier?
Many a thing is done in the name of love.
Would we, true lovers, or at least true love lovers, fall in love, had we not been wronged?

A contrail, frail and fading, underlined the sky,
and the frail and fading reasoning
of our minds.


inspired by Tasneem Kagalwalla’s


梅林 茂 [Umebayashi Shigeru] - 夢二 [Yumeji]’s Theme


Love [April Snow OST]


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