Death on the Highway

A Poem

I didn’t know you,
But I thought I did. 
I looked over at you — 
You didn’t notice.

Swerving in and out of lanes,
As if Frogger could be a driving game.
I doubt you knew what was coming ahead
Guys like you believe in their own invincibility.

I heard screeching tires as I watched:
You flew across lanes 
While your beautiful bike skidded to a stop
A mile or so ahead.

The driver of the car never saw you coming
He didn’t know what had happened. 
Five lanes of traffic came to a halt
As we watched your body convulse.

I pulled over and ran to you
Holding your hand through that night.
Emergency vehicles came,
But there was nothing they could do.

I will never forget you.
You asked me to tell your wife and children you were sorry, 
You asked me to remind them of your life.
I tried but I was the one who saw your death that night.