Life After

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(photo by the author)

Your undoing
came in the shape
of san bernardino white trash
and an irish priest
locked in the boldest
of tangles

After the wedding party
drowned their sorrows
and those from
the old country
tipped their cups
to her chastity

She had a bit too much
soft skin for his constitution
she turned her back to
covet his cloth
where cloth was never
meant to flow

So you ducked to the
beat of the international parade
the muslim girl in your shadow
black hair flying
down the airport corridor
with you in pursuit

they cuffed her
and took her away
Your undoing
came in the shape
of an old book
with whithered pages

where you read
with indignation
the science of your breed
where you tossed
your soul to the righteous
and the dead.

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