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Letter sent on Apr 14

Lit Up: Living in a World of Words

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Dear Lit Up family,

Hello! Hola! Salut! Yia Sas! Konnichiwa! Namaste! Privet! Nín hao! Nomoskar! Ahlan bik! Tungjatjeta! Nazdar! Hallo! Shalóm! Szia! Hai! Dia is muire dhuit! Es mīlu tevi! Selamat petang! Witajcie! Jambo! Hej! Merhaba!(beautiful greetings and wishes continue)

Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing right now, we hope this newsletter finds you healthy, inspired, and with a big smile.

March was awesome, we ran a fantastic writing prompt in collaboration with the folks at the splendid Writing Cooperative ( Stella J. McKenna, Jessica Jungton, Sand Farnia and Justin Cox 🍩) and in our last newsletter (Lit Up: A Complicated Love ) we announced the winners ( Tracy Aston, V. Plut, Brian Kerg, Indira Reddy, Jef Littlejohn, Amanda Z, neira) ! You can find the full list of entries in the newsletter mentioned above and on our Prompts tab.

We would like to thank you again for participating and for all the support the publication and the writers received. It really means a lot to us, and it encourages us to continue doing our best to inspire our wonderful writers, and to provide the highest quality fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction on Medium.

But. We didn’t only publish prompt entries in March. We published some general submissions that are not to be missed, from which we have selected the very best and listed them below.

Don’t forget to highlight, clap for, and share your favourite reads so more people can find and enjoy them!

The Lit Up team is currently preparing a new literary treat for you all. Hopefully, you will find out all about it in our next newsletter. We will also reopen our gates to new writer requests very soon.

Enjoy the reads!


Stephen M. Tomic — The Curse of the Phantom Hearts
Daphelba DeBeauvoir — a Character
Adrien Carver — The Work of Our Lord’s Hand
Talon Abernathy 민호수 — The March King


Julia Kantic — Lost in Space
Harry Hogg — The Inner Critic


Annie Caldwell — The Mask of March
Dan Foster — Call me Captain
Jacqueline Dooley — Four Directions
Blue Fences — Heavy.
Anna Rozwadowska — These hands
Jk Mansi — I Didn’t Know That I Was Lost
Wild Flower — No Longer Afraid
LB — Lunar Lifetime
Kylin Vandermeer — I name you
Erika Burkhalter — Poems on Fire
Bridget Webber — The Boy and the Words
Emma Briggs — Alive


Stephen M. Tomic — Miracle
Talon Abernathy 민호수 — Imagined Communities
Austin Briggman — Another Day at the Office
Pedro Jacob — The Pier In The Distance


Rhonda Krol — For every music, there is a season…
Rhonda Krol — The Gift of Life Reborn

That’s all for today.

Until next time, don’t forget to live, love, and create.

Much love to all of you,
DiAmaya Dawn

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