Minimum Wage and Morning Coffee

Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

I take my first full breaths waiting for the windows to clear,
swallowing cold air, splashing it into my eyes.

I take my ham and cheese croissant clocked in,
watching the microwave, sun rising in the back of the house.

My bed unmakes itself next to black water and not 20 minutes after,
the pastry rack undresses, plastic gloves grabbing handfuls of sugar.

The day begins again. All those drinks at the counter and money
into my golden hands. The day begins again with the colors of summer.

When sunlight stretches from the tips of my fingers I catch every hour.
Then the wheel turns shrinking and forgetful and I watch

inexplicably, eyes blinking in the darkness. Every new beginning
and ending is worth what it costs.

Originally published at on April 16, 2019.