Note to Sef

This is my 150-word flash fiction which appeared in the 145th May 2018 online issue of Ad Hoc Fiction, my entry for the word prompt, ‘note.’

“What happened, Sef?” asked Tim, scratching his head.

“It’s that damn note’s fault, Tim.”

“What note?”

“You know I told you about Daisy getting angry at me because I’ve become forgetful and I made notes to myself to remember things so she’d stop yapping at me that I have the mush brain of a dumb ass?”

“Yeah, what about that?”

“Thing is, I left the note this morning in bed, and I can’t function without it. So I went back home to get it. But a butt-naked man suddenly came out of my bathroom!”

Tim surveyed the bloodsplash and the gore splattered across the walls and at a half-naked, crying Daisy in a far corner of the bedroom.

“Well, I got to hand it to you, buddy,” he sighed, adjusting his sheriff’s hat. “You certainly didn’t need a note to remember your shotgun’s under the bed. Look whose brain is mush now.”