Rhyme with You

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

I can’t say if this is a billet-doux

I can only say I think too much of you

I think so much that I can hardly chew

Without you, everything is hard, like bamboo

I wasn’t like this before I met you

All my life I’d tried my best to join the who’s who

And left love for those who had nothing much to do

Until I met you

While we’re shopping for shampoo

You made me fall without further ado

You made me feel like Napoleon, in Waterloo

And I can’t stop thinking about you

Even when I think so much I turn my life into a snafu

I can’t help it. I think of getting myself a tattoo

I seek advice from a love guru

He asked me to read Fifty Shades of Blue

And to watch Beauty and the Beast in the Zoo

I even sign up to learn a new kung fu called bill and coo

But still, how to win your heart, I have no clue

You said your heart was broken and there’s nothing you could do

And you doubt I have the glue

Not to say I don’t seem to possess any virtue

You said sooner rather than later I’d fall for someone new

I don’t know. I don’t think what you’ve done to me is something anyone can outdo

And I don’t think I can stop thinking of you

Especially when I shampoo

Or when I stay so late I’m early enough for the morning dew

In fact, I think so much of you

My mind is black and blue

I’ve even given up joining the who’s who

I just want you to be my whose and I hope I’ll be your who

The reverse will also do

Since I met you, I’ve found enough reasons just to rhyme with you

And though I haven’t heard you say I miss you or I love you

I think so much of you

I think I can hear you say

Me too


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