Somos el Mundo (We are the World)

Bringing the World Together — Spanish

Image credit: Pixabay

This is a response translation to Jk Mansi’s poetry project for her birthday. Read the original poem here:


En la oscuridad por delante
He visto un rayo de luz
debo mirar o mirar hacia otro lado
Estoy aquí en silencio, indeciso.


In the darkness ahead
I have seen a ray of light
should I look or look away
wondering this
I stand here silent, undecided


आगे के अँधेरे में 
इक किरण सी दिखी है 
और देखूं या ना देखूं 
यही सोचती सी 
खड़ी हूँ गुमसुम सी

Hints for Spanish pronunciation: Spanish is (mostly) written phonetically already. Pronounce all the syllables — delante is day-LAHN-tay. To approach the accent, pronounce “d” like a soft, blurry English “th”, and “z” like “s”. An “r” at the end of a word should be quick and striking.

Expert tip: tequila and Spanish wine will also improve your love of the language :-).