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Strawberry Moon

Part 6, Moon Series

Awake, awake
no time to sleep
arise, arise
to stay awake
in summer heat
til blazing day
eclipse the night
and I, spine rent,
slowly, painfully
healing, wondering,
of my waning
strawberry plant,
bloom, bloom
fruit, flower,
explode to light,
explode to life,
to walk again
might be a portent
of rare celestial
alignment or
simply a feat
of medical skill,
personal fortitude,
grim, resolute
nothing happens
faster or slower
than nature,light or time,
rose in the sky,
sweet strawberry moon
ablaze so brief
to herald day’s vigour
night hours’ thief,
Midsummer’s magical mystery,
resplendent moon ablaze,
awake, awoke
astride the march of time.



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