image from Pixabay

He stood at the threshold of his new house and inhaled. Fresh paint. New carpet. Success.

He took a step inside. 3500 square feet. Three-car garage. 52-inch plasma TV.

His years of overtime had finally paid off.

He only wished he could buy someone to share it all with him.

E.D. Martin is a writer with a knack for finding new jobs in new places. Born and raised in Illinois, her past incarnations have included bookstore barista in Indiana, college student in southern France, statistician in North Carolina, economic development analyst in North Dakota, and high school teacher in Iowa. She draws on her experiences to tell the stories of those around her, with a generous heaping of “what if” thrown in.

She currently lives in Illinois where she job hops while attending grad school and working on her novels. Read more of her stories at her website.