Swear It on Your Favorite Sweater

A poem for new love

Crystal Jackson
Lit Up


Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

We should make a living will
For the very end
When you and I aren’t lovers
And we fail at being friends
You’ll want back your sweaters
I’ll drop them in the post
And cry at night when I reach out
But cannot hold you close

We should make a promise now
Before it falls apart
To be kind to each other
Even with a broken heart
To practice being grateful
Even if we aren’t forever
To remember the times fondly
When we were happy and together

While we’re in this place of falling
And can’t ever imagine it could end
Promise me your kindness
If one day we’re not even friends
Even if you want to promise forever
In this place of ease and bliss
Swear this on your favorite sweater
And seal it with a forehead kiss.