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The final stage

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I fear it’s begun, the final stage,
heralded by a rain bomb.
As towns transform to reeking rubble,
and people weep in the streets,
I dream I admit defeat, accept the end,
and it’s worse than I ever imagined.
After years of no relief from catastrophe,
plague or looming war, the chance
that peace will ever return seems faint.
Though somehow my little slice of life remains,
what use is an island of fortune in
this violent ocean of pain?
In the daylight I try to…




Welcome to Lit Up -The Land of Little Tales. Here you can read and submit short stories, flash fiction, poetry - in brief, your own legend. We're starting little. But that's how all big stories begin.

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Emma Briggs

Emma Briggs

Australian writer, environmental activist, hang-gliding assistant & former sailor, journalist & clown. Poetry collection available now.

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