The First Steps of Little Man on Earth

Photo by Lê Tân on Unsplash

Mother Earth decided that it was a perfect day to let her child wandering in the outside. Little Man timidly put his head out the cave to have a look at the abundant vegetation. He took a first step out and a second. Then, with a strong desire to learn, he walked toward the bright forest.

Arrived at the first tree, Little Man raved about the large tuft of leaves throwing a giant shadow on the ground. He tried to hug the tree but his arms were too small to completely embrace the colossus trunk.

“You see these trees,” began Mother Earth, “they are giants of wood. High like the bearers of the sky and large like the guardians of a forbidden temple.”

“What do they guard?” asked Little Man.

“They guard the forest which cleans the air and shelters numerous living beings. They guard the spinal column of this world.”

Little Man took few steps away from the trees to admire their stillness. It seems like nothing would ever be able to harm these giants. Only the breath of the wind was able to move them. The wind was probably not strong enough to trouble the peacefulness of the branches, but its kind words touched the heart of the trees which thankfully waved at it.

Little Man was able to hear the rustle of the leaves in the trees, but couldn’t understand their meanings. Mother Earth was able to understand all the languages of natural beings. She could even understand the colors of the wind. Still, she wouldn’t translate the kind words of the trees to Little Man. He will have to learn the meaning of living things on his own, only then he will be able to understand himself.

“Do you want to understand the trees?” asked Mother Earth. Little Man nodded. “Stick your ear to a trunk and you will hear the sap flowing in the wood. The sap is the blood of the trees,” explained Mother Earth.

Little Man did as he was told. After an hour of staying still against a tree, hugging its trunk, he started to hear what sounded like falling drops of water. These drops were falling slowly on a regular interval of few minutes. Time seemed to pass slower in the veins of a tree.

“Come in, I want to introduce you to your sisters and brothers,” said Mother Earth, interrupting Little Man’s eavesdropping.

Everything became darker as they walked under the trees, like if night had suddenly fallen on the world. They followed a river which was murmuring a song that only Mother Earth could understand. Again, she didn’t translate any words to Little Man as it will be his own task to learn the lyrics of the stream.

As they were walking, Mother Earth asked Little Man, “Did you see them?”

“Who?” inquired Little Man looking around with curiosity.

“If you are quiet enough and observe well, you will see your sisters and brothers. Be more attentive.”

They continued to walk, more slowly so Little Man could carefully look around and listen to any swish or rustle. He couldn’t see them, but he could feel them. They were there surrounding him, looking at him, caring him. They were the living beings of the forest.

He stopped and sat down on a rock next to the river. He took the position of a lotus, the flower which is often floating on calm water. He closed his eyes as his mother taught him while he was growing up in the obscure cave. His body stayed still while his mind was travelling far away. He felt the breath of the first animals leaving the sea to step on the ground, he saw the first cells originated from bubbles of fat and bricks of life. Then his mind flew forward to the future where the forest has disappeared replaced by trees of rock and concrete. Many little humans were living in these mineral giants. Little humans took over most of the land, forgetting to share it with their wild sisters and brothers. Little Man couldn’t understand his vision but he felt that something was wrong in this world dominated by little humans.

“Can you see it?” That was the voice of Mother Earth. “Can you see the world I have prepared for you, your sisters and brothers? It is made of murmuring forest and singing streams. But that’s not all. You haven’t seen the iridescent meadows, the infinite seas and the sleeping glaciers.”

As his mother was saying these words, Little Man had a short glimpse at these promised lands. He could even feel the freshness of the meadow and the frost of the glaciers. His mind was flying very fast above the diversity of the Earth landscapes.

Suddenly everything stopped and only the image of Mother Earth stayed floating in the darkness of his mind. Drops of water were running down her cheek. “Now, it’s time for me to leave. Please remember me as a loving mother who gave you all her love in the form of companions and beautiful lands. Be kind with your sisters and brothers. Be kind with yourself. Take care of your only home and mind each of your steps as if you were kissing the ground of life. Goodbye.”

Mother Earth vanished in a cloud of lite foam.

Little Man woke up from his long meditation with an orb of sadness in his throat and a knot of fear in his stomach. He was on his own in the big and tough world. His mother had left him alone in the darkness of the forest.