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The Haunted Empress


— —

To stars who’ve left me,
What says it to anger me,
The moon that turns colors by morning,
You’ve left me clawing,
A respite of the tiring — 
Feet on the floor, floating,
I’m calling to save me,
Unchain me from the tiny stories.

Fading people,
No one with a soul,
Nor willing — 
A pirate soaring from my dreams,
Leaving me with vacancy,
A toxic full of torturing veins
None to save the human of me.

A human, I am,
But built for it, I am not,
Treat me more than that of a human,
For I can rise from earth and night,
Stars and paper kites,
There is not just the just,
But the continue of a start
Only the end to be in my heart.

It is of the colors and stones,
The rusting of paint in a home,
A voice echoing in ropes,
A whisper or a call of what — 
Still sleep under my skin,
Where it still moves to breathe,
A branch of what empress or of — 
What dragon that sears me from dreams
Of the wide seas away from chained pieces
To that of a home, I hope is still with me.

— —