The Other Self

What if you wake up and find yourself entrapped in your body. You watch your hand lifts up, turning it’s palm over. You watch the gentle movement, almost like you’re watching someone else’s. You think about speaking, but you catch yourself thinking about it. You got a different sense of whom you are. You are no longer the same person.

The other self argues what you do. The other self reproaches the faults and the good deeds. Two consciousnesses live inside one body. The first controls how it operates daily. The other evaluates it constantly and meticulously.

You close your eyes to end the mystery and wake up to repeat the same procedure. You realize there’s no way to escape. You somehow gain two selves in your body. The words spoken and not spoken dwindle inside your living brain. Then, you watch life goes by without noticing your changes. No, they are not aware of the two minds.

These two hands held dear by you are no longer yours. They were yours, but ‘you’ have changed. And so, you wonder who you are. What belongs to the first you and what belongs to the second you? You ponder at the question and re-think your pondering. A simple life becomes complex. One circle turns into a complete sphere. Layers of questions only build more layers of questions. Without answers. Without light.

As you breathe on, you catch your thoughts off guard. You catch just in time before you slip. But why do you worry? What is wrong with thinking? You ponder about that and no answers come. Your second self is wary of someone watching. It is watching because it was being watched.

You are but two selves. Then you grabbed the coat of invisibility to cover your perceptions, for it no longer serves a simple purpose. You hold multiple perspectives with your second selves. Then you look back to your first automatic, reactive self. You smile because of its simplicity.

You breathe in and breathe out. You accept the two minds inside of you. Two becomes one, in this small feeble human body.