Welcome to My Table

… your hunger shall remain

Moshe Forman
Apr 27, 2019 · 1 min read
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Alice Eis and Bert French in Robert G. Vignola’s The Vampire. Public Domain.

Welcome to my table,
I’m pleased that you could come,
many a humble dish awaits,
before the evening’s done.

Welcome to my table,
the lights are turned down low,
for much will come to pass this eve,
that none but us shall know.

Welcome to my table,
the first course is well prepared,
a tasty entrée of broken dreams,
before you’ve even dared.

Welcome to my table,
the main course is aglow,
with all the happiness and the joy,
that you will never know.

Welcome to my table,
the wine will soon be poured,
with all the unleashed passion,
that opportunity will not afford.

Welcome to my table,
it’s the show that never ends,
contrition fills your cup,
but you’ll never make amends.

Welcome to my table,
a finale of bitter dessert,
dear Son, if you sup in my house,
we bless the food with hurt.

Welcome to my table,
I despise your sad refrain,
you shall eat your fill,
but your hunger shall remain.

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