Who is that inside my head?

Who is that inside my head?
Not my thoughts and not my voice,
But a shadow playfully peeking,
Poking and seeking
Under the rug and behind trapdoors,
Rummaging through faded scraps,
Curled on a sofa lounge,
She giggles at my fake warts,
Halloween costumes,
My fear of lizards,
Devouring the scribbled pages of my life,
Like a favourite book.
I should be afraid,
Horrified at the intrusion,
Call in the artillery,
Send the death squadrons flying,
End it all by simply lying,
Else nothing will stay hidden,
No secret spared,
Every single insecurity bared,
She will know how I really feel,
She will know — whisper it — the warts are real,
Still at the edge I stand
Prepared to plunge
To the depths of a world unknown,
Strange but it feels all right,
The beginning of a lifelong flight
Along with the heart,
I surrender my mind this summer night.