Project Spotlight- Homework Helper

This week, we’ll look at an app the LITASers are working on that will be welcomed by stressed students everywhere: the Homework Helper App!

Homework Helper- Anna and Ally (6th)

What it does:

- Allows you to take pictures of worksheets and organize schoolwork in different folders on your phone

- Ask your friends for help through text or email.

- Tools: Appinventor

Have you ever struggled under the weight of tons of homework all due the next day? Well, no more! With HomeworkHelper, forget you were ever unorganized. Take pictures or choose from your already saved photos of worksheets. Write with your fingers, and send these worksheets to friends, family, and maybe even your teachers! Set an allotted amount of time to finish each worksheet, so you can completely master a skill. “I want all the students who didn’t get enough sleep for the past month to sleep soundly knowing their homework is done.” said Ally. With HomeworkHelper, you can sleep soundly too!

Anna and Ally have been hard at work on their project for the past few months. Come to the Tech Showcase to see their App in Action!

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