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LitBit Welcomes Award-Winning CEO Antonio Peric-Mazar as Advisor to Revolutionize the Crypto Industry

LitBit, the leading crypto company bringing innovative projects in crypto, is thrilled to announce the addition of Antonio Peric-Mazar as an advisor to their team.

Antonio is the CEO of Locastic, an award-winning product design and development agency that has delivered amazing mobile and web solutions to many clients worldwide. He is also the organizer and co-founder of BlockSplit Conference.

With over 825 endorsements and 14 glowing recommendations on LinkedIn, Antonio’s exceptional expertise and experience will undoubtedly bring numerous benefits to LitBit’s mission. He has helped clients grow their online business and build amazing mobile and web apps, making him a truly outstanding entrepreneur.

Antonio is also an international speaker at many conferences, and his extensive knowledge and experience in the crypto world make him a valuable addition to LitBit’s team. As LitBit’s MVP 1 is close to release, they are excited to have Antonio’s insights and expertise to help take their platform to new heights.

Steve Jones, CEO & Founder of LitBit

“We are thrilled to welcome Antonio to the LitBit family and look forward to the great things we will achieve together with his guidance and expertise.” — said Steve Jones, CEO & Founder of LitBit

The addition of Antonio Peric-Mazar as an advisor is a significant development for LitBit. As the company continues to innovate in the crypto space with their multi-chain ecosystem, incubation, launchpad, and NFT marketplace, they are well-positioned to make a big impact with Antonio’s help.

LitBit’s mission is to bring the latest innovative projects in crypto to the market, and they are committed to building a strong team to achieve that goal. Antonio’s exceptional track record in product design and development, as well as his extensive knowledge of the crypto industry, make him an excellent fit for the LitBit team.

In conclusion, LitBit’s announcement of Antonio Peric-Mazar as their new advisor is a significant step forward for the company. With his expertise and guidance, they are well-positioned to continue their growth and innovation in the crypto space. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from LitBit in the future!



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