Litecoin Cash: An invitation to collaborate.

By Fred Newbloke, Kasper Brandt Hansen.

The team at Litecoin Cash are pleased to state that we are now in a position and ready to move forward with the next phase of development. This follows a period of time since Hive activation to verify that the network is secure and performing as intended.

A brief Recap:

Hive is the Litecoin Cash solution against 51% attack. A now common but extremely disruptive problem facing many projects in the Crypto world.

The Dev team acted promptly to design and create this permanent solution from scratch, immediately identifying the role this will play towards future sustainability and growth, having experienced first hand the affect of a 51% attack.

Our goals:

  • Litecoin Cash aims to be a fast and secure Globally accepted Cryptocurrency with incredibly low transaction fees, built with many functional layers and real world uses.
  • The team are committed to further develop the Hive, taking this innovation and technology on our Journey towards its full potential as it evolves.
  • We are excited to extend a challenge and invitation to the Crypto world and broader community to collaborate with us in this next phase.
  • The team will encourage creative ideas, actively seeking partnerships and innovative projects that share our vision.

Hive will provide the stable platform and foundation for future growth, however it is more than an innovative security layer!

  • Hive is potentially groundbreaking disruptive technology, delivering an innovative and user friendly mining experience to the broader community without the need for specialized hardware.
  • Extremely low power consumption renders Hive one of the most efficient and Greenest forms of Crypto mining to date.

Your goals and how we can help:

Litecoin Cash can offer the support of a proven and talented Development team, with an established Coordination structure, built on the foundation of a defined charter and secure network.

Our community interaction and engagement is second to none, with a willingness to contribute to the project success being a continuous source of motivation.

The fact that the network isn’t controlled by few large miners adds entirely new possibilities to build functionality in or on top of the Litecoin Cash blockchain.

One such possibility is the Hivepool. This mining pool is already in operation and managed directly from the Litecoin Cash Discord channels, providing an additional choice for users who chose not to Mine with the Litecoin Cash core wallet.

Another example currently being developed is the Apiary. An interactive application which will provide the ability to Hivemine from portable devices, opening up this experience to Mainstream communities.

Information may be found at the Litecoin Cash Discord channels. Join us to find out more.

These projects are being developed and managed by community members with support and assistance from the Litecoin Cash development team. This serves as a great example of both what can be done, and the way we can help facilitate your ideas and visions.

If you or your company are considering moving forward with a cryptocurrency related project, or simply need assistance with preliminary evaluation on how to proceed, the Litecoin Cash team will gladly assist with insights and feedback.


Some examples of services that Litecoin Cash can offer:

  • Assist small commerce to accept Cryptocurrency/Litecoin Cash.
  • Provide consultancy for Large Corporations.
  • Provide consultancy for Logistics and private use.

The Litecoin Cash roadmap and whitepaper has now been updated for review!

Note: The team are currently working with ACAIM (American College of Academic International Medicine) to utilize our blockchain for the secure and efficient storage of Electronic medical records.

It is envisaged that this will not only have a cost benefit but assist Medical Practitioners to provide a higher level of care to patients.

“Litecoin Cash realizes that its blockchain provides an ideal way to store this proof of identity, as well as decentralizing the actual subsequent checking of someone’s identity once it has been initially confirmed. This “proof of identity” layer is something that can be implemented on the blockchain, with the potential to store much more than just identity”

Alex, Public Relations Lead at Litecoin Cash

More to come:

It is extremely interesting times we live in with the Crypto world still so much in its infancy, providing endless possibilities. We believe at Litecoin Cash that the only limits are those within ones own imagination.

We will embrace the future with great optimism, looking forward to the challenges ahead collaborating with innovative and creative projects.

A special thanks goes out once again to our community for the continued support. Well appreciated.

Litecoin Cash team 🐝

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