A Home in my Heart


Sydney Duke Richey
Literally Literary


Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

I close my eyes
to summon that place
dry and windy
skirting the desert

summer’s heat
runs through my veins
and the Santa Ana wind
tangles my hair

on nearby tracks
the Southern Pacific sits
its engine idling for hours
the air choked with fumes

my scattered thoughts
roll like tumbleweeds
blowing across the sandhills

it seems my soul
stays rooted here
although years upon years
upon years have gone by

yet that hot, smelly
windblown place
where I grew up
will always have a home
in my heart

Thanks to Kim McKinney for the prompt/challenge “hiraeth,” a Welsh word that refers to homesickness, nostalgia, a deep longing.

The following is a poem that perfectly describes the starkness of my hometown.

© Sydney Duke Richey 2020



Sydney Duke Richey
Literally Literary

Writing from the heart, I’m inspired by everyday experiences. My poems, haiku and non-fiction come from a slice of my life. *Top Writer in Poetry*