A Lie Within a Dream

From the Collection Lines for Kesha

Photo by Jason D on Unsplash

Songs calling out from you From a lie that is true You, the dream I pursue Barrage of lies I knew My affection blinding Soul is always grinding In your love that’s binding Love’s verse that is scrying Mirage of us trying

Haunting, undetected Ghostly voice directed True lies are protected Verses etched and perfected Siren calls come from you From your heart perfect true You and her merge from two

Always beyond heart’s view The days run, numbered few Dove failing our love true Forever lost I fear Linking us, words so clear Our love is a sentence Love in word persistence

Keeping me penitent Hope is my penitence Permanent are these dreams In my heart there are screams The lie, I shake its dreams Infinite task it seems

Endless is this torture Orations departure Of a dream in rapture My lie is my heart’s mend Love’s perfect story end Expressions mark our end.

Literally Literary

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Vincent V. Triola

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Somewhere between thought provoking and stupid, there is Vincent Triola. Fiction, satire, poetry, and sometimes academic writing. https://vincenttriola.com/

Literally Literary

We've Got a Story for You