A Moment of Flight

It wasn’t some great transformation, at least not as most would credit.

I didn’t commune with my archangel or higher power, a least not in a manner most people would say.

It wasn’t a spiritual experience, in the accepted sense, though I would call it one of my most spiritual experiences… to most people, however, it’s quite mundane.

I did not find enlightenment or answers to life’s questions, but I did find an answer to a question I hadn’t dreamed I’d ask.

There was no Jesus, no Buddha, nor Krishna, only my vessel in a moment of purest joy. God was the river of light within me, overflowing its banks.

My spirit moved, perhaps not entirely free of this vessel, but it certainly danced within me like a butterfly before the coming sun.

I found my quiddity and I became more, at least for a time, perhaps moments only, but I swelled beyond mortal boundaries and I tasted the universe within me.

I may have radiated light… I would even swear there was a moment of flight.

In one small quiet moment, everything — my world, my heart, my mind, my very existence, was altered by a whisper in my ear:

I love you.