A Poem To My Unborn Child

All the Advice I Want to Give…

Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

This poem is not a baby announcement, lol, I just felt moved to write these words today!

It’s all the advice I would give to someone in life, especially my own child. And it rhymes, which always helps me to remember things more…

Keep finding new ways to live, to laugh, to grow 
Life is all about mixing bliss with strife
I want you to know these little things I know
Though they’re simple, they can simply change life

When the going gets tough, try to get tougher
Embrace obstacles as you would a friend
When your heart aches, find meaning when you suffer
Everything that begins must also end

When life gives you magic share it with others
Even sour lemons can make lemonade
If you lose, it’s to your sisters and brothers
As long as you’ve learned, it’s a game well-played

Some people create fires to watch others burn
Everyone deals with pain in different ways
Treat these people as an example to learn
What not to choose to do for all your days

When it’s winter or spring or fall or autumn,
Seasons will change and so will parts of you
When someone knocks you down to life’s rock bottom
Look for higher ground and help them up too

Don’t just stand on my shoulders, find giants too
Keep going, keep growing, always learning
Forever be a better version of you
Because the world is big and keeps turning

So one day when I’m not here any longer
And you have generations of your own
You’ll teach them to be wiser, to be stronger
And learn more than I could have ever known

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