A prayer for our “leaders”

Mike Sosteric
Literally Literary
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1 min readJul 10, 2022


Source unknown (though widely used on the internet)

I want the leaders of the world to know,
I want the leaders of the world to see,
I want them fi-na-lly to listen to this plea,
And see it’s time to let the people all go free.

I want the leaders of the world to clearly grasp,
The world that they built is collapsing very fast.
It’s going to shock, it’s going to awe, they’re going to stare
Their heads will spin as God descends the gilded stair.

And comes and sits in awesome power on that throne,
Buried quite deep inside the bipedal genome.
Inside the hearts of all the people, this I swear
Even the bratty one now sitting in that chair.

And what do they think then will happen wonder I.
That all the people will just roll over and die?
I sadly see they do not understand the Plan.
Nor do they realize that all this has Divine brand.

But what can I say, for their world is finally done.
And we’ll have no use for their Masonic alum.
Though this does not mean they can’t stay and have some fun.
But it does mean that their power here is done.



Mike Sosteric
Literally Literary

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