A Tenderness

Photo by Paul Brookes


does not touch
his hand hovers
above the raised hairs
of her warm skin

his palm feels the warm
radiating from her curves
as his hand moves
always at the same height
over her glittering skin

she sighs at the faint gust
as his hands move the air
above her naked flesh


he puts his lips together
and slowly breathes
along her undulations
watches her sinews
lift and fall with each
exhalation and shudder
as he inhales her heat

his breath follows
her contours never
gathering in squalls
or crosswinds never
more than a wisp
easing aside tapers
of grass and young
slivers of dew drench


before they touch
her flesh heat lifts scents
of musk, sandalwood,
rose, cinnamon
and cardomom
she inhales his black
pepper and liquorice
allows the spice 
as if she is a lit
candle burning
his fragrance into air

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