on reaching a milestone!

A Thousand Real Roses

you, roses.

credit- Zev, a year old spring.

Amidst fake thorns, laden with frail fumes
burns a green furnace,
blotted with numerous red hues — 
a newly born vermilion,
a blood tinged crimson
a feisty scarlet, burning
a mother’s affectionate maroon
come from the fields of Burgundy: the color, the wine, the place,
zesty cardinal wedd-ing fuchsia
variegated coral and wilting lava,
ultimately merging unto green, brown,

Alright, important note: I just reached a 1k followers — pals of Medium, you have my heart, always. I submitted this post to Literally Literary, because Heath was the first to accept my poem, and me in the pub (technically speaking, Rachel accepted me first in her PiF, but I wasn’t able to submit to it, so yeah! love both you guys); seeing how far I..we have come, it all make me so proud; everything — these last 6 months knowing some awesome people of a rock-strong bound family existing on the imagined air of inter-nations…learning so much, giving to this heck of a community as much as taking from it, every single word said to and for, every heart touched to green, every share, every single person here, I feel proud of it all. I am so hysterical right now, can’t stop feeling high..ha ha! Let’s all hope it doesn’t reach my uptight head, consequently causing unnecessary arrogance and high-bullheadedness. From scratch to this…it is super special for me. I remember a post that Meg featured on her profile, and I quote, “I write for you, my Readers.” Always, for you.

What’s next — I’ll keep on reading, hearting, responding, coloring and writing here, on and on. Maybe I’ll start to collect my stuff up, nothing much that I’ve written, but I like things organized (an high-level OCD) so I would give it a go anyway. What more: continuing to be inspired, continuing to inspire.💕
ps — shout out to Tk Awesomeness, my 1000th buddy...love you! you’re awesome, which I think you already know.

Zev, over & out, on his insomniac path to 2–3 hrs sleep, hopefully!

I am, whatever —