An Elite World View


You wouldn’t order the preemptive death of millions?

How unpatriotic,

You peace loving villain.

Helping the poor

Preferring not to go to war,

Defending our democracy

And their autocracies,

How dare you sir,

Brave defender of morality,

I’d commend you

If it didn’t result in the

complete rejection of

the one true modality.

Trickledown ‘free market’ economics,

privatisation and a poor education,

After all a well educated

connected and debt free masses

They’d run rough shod

over our well pampered… lawns,

How would we maintain control?

What about the status quo?

Tax loopholes?

Hush now,

the commoners don’t really know,

Peace in the middle east?

Don’t be absurd

We’ve spent 70 years suppressing the kurds,

Unemployment and economic disparity

Please, stop being disparaging,

We’ll blame it on the immigrants,

Who’s up next

Blacks, Irish or is it the Indians?

Perhaps today it should be the eastern Europeans.

How about a less regulated economy?

We’ll even trade again with the colonies!

For England!

For Empire!

For our freedom loving dichotomy.

This was written and recorded as an experiment to see if I could create something in a short amount of time that was both entertaining and informative.

Whilst I’m not entirely satisfied with the result I would love to know your thoughts. Constructive criticism is more than welcome!

PS. Apologies for the audio quality. The recording was done on my hands free.

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