Secret City

Rebecca Grant
Jul 30 · 1 min read
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Andalea, secret city,

In the mountains you hide.

An underground treasure trove

Of caverns gemstone-lined.

Your labyrinthine passages,

Arrayed in jeweled splendor,

Fit for a king,

Or, better yet, a medicine woman.

With silver hair, silver tongue,

And glowing emerald eyes.

Peace-bringer to the people

With words both ancient and wise.

Unlocking the secrets of the treasure

Your mines surrender.

Fiery rubies to smite your enemies,

Enchanted opals offer strength.

Cool sapphires heal heartbreaks

And pains that plague the old of age.

Serene amethysts calm restless minds

Of anxious spouses left behind.

Warm emeralds for friendship and caring,

Deep connection and sharing.

Beams of color dance ‘cross walls

An underground disco for visiting girls.

Silver-haired, silver-tongued

Andaleans mingle.

Their jewel-eyes sparkle,

With a mischievous twinkle.

Teach us the wisdom of ancient ways.

Reveal the mountain’s magic.

Andalea, the world needs wisdom,

You cannot hide forever.

Literally Literary

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Rebecca Grant

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Coffee-loving, car singing former teacher. Writing middle grade fiction and blogging about learning at home with my children:

Literally Literary

We've Got a Story for You

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