Bad day potpourri

Melody’s Bcn Writing Salon (Flash-fiction exercise)

I don’t remember hearing the alarm clock this morning. I just woke up a few minutes later than usual, shaved, washed my face, dressed up and rushed to the garage hoping to get to the office on time.

Only a couple of blocks from home, a small grey shadow appeared like a ghost in front of the car. No time to react and push the brake pedal! The car hit a beautiful Persian cat staring at the headlights, reflecting them like two emeralds.

For a few seconds there was silence. I got out of the car and touched the animal’s body, still warm. It was dead. Then I recognised it: It was the Barley’s pet. I put it on their lawn and for a moment doubted what to do. I left it there and went away.

Only a couple of minutes had passed when I received a call. Mrs. Barley insulted me and accused me of killing their cat deliberately. She was very nervous. I tried to apologize and told her to calm down, I would call her later.

When I arrived at the office I felt sick. I started my computer and began to read the emails. Then I received a phone call: our main customer complained about something, but I could hardly concentrate. I managed to make an appointment with him to discuss everything later. When I could finally hang up the phone, I went to the bar and took an aspirin.

On the way to my desk Mrs. Johnson called me to her office. She talked and talked about my work, my output at the company and her responsibility as a boss and a chairperson. I felt dizzy again, fainted heartless and fell on the floor.

I woke up in bed at a hospital, only to know I had been fired from the company. Mrs. Johnson had sent me a bunch of flowers with a letter of dismissal.

I got a call from my wife. Our house was on fire. The firemen were already at work. She would take the children from school and head for their grandparent’s farm. Mrs. Barley had been arrested on a charge of arson.

The insurance company agent said they would cover the rebuilding of the house and, in the meantime, they offered a trip to Australia for the whole family. I’m looking forward to some wonderful holidays, after all.