barnacle eyes

from Pixabay

One never forgets the first whale it encounters. 
How the gargantuan tail moved with life,
Life, in so big of a creature that seemed almost absurd.

I will never forget the first sigh of the whale.
The puff of air that made a void of life under the deep dark waters.
How it embraced me with a moment of life,
how my lungs fed on it for as long as a lifetime of a musing.

Sometimes at around three in the afternoon,
when time is caught between moving forward and crawling into an end,
I catch the gargantuan eyes of the creature of legends
speaking silence to me, 
I would reply with murmurs which would be safe from time and recognition
as not one knows when it begun
We would talk about everything without sharing anything
Words are like cotton candies,
The pinker, the bigger, the fluffier the better
We both lived long enough to know that
The creature once told me she leaves in the sky
That the sky and the water was one to begin with
In the beginning, even when there was absolutely nothing
even then there was water it said
The water was the boundary between existence and void
even then there were streaks of light and colours
streaking themselves in pirouettes and circles below the fluid veil
Not long after the murmur begins the whale blinks
And the conversations flits 
I must pretend once more 
That whales are animals from the dreams

when time slinks to around three in the afternoon
I open a blank page
and await the barnacle-lined lucid eyes

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