Battle in the sky

Dark hues emerged from behind the sun
in the eccentric dance in the sky
darts shot up, met beyond oblivion
and thus heard, the horizon’s last cry.
The sea witnessing the commotion,
churned and churned in agreement
of the angry Zeus in action
singing in tune of his appeasement.

The clouds shrunk and withered away
disembowelling other attendees
as the mighty sun caused a fray
and great greys dismissed in the breeze.
the fiery furnace flew forward,
in this boisterous battle between both bands,
and the vicious war went wayward
and thus lost all hope from his hands.
and thus began the unending battle
between the sun and the clouds
one blinds the other up, and doesn’t settle
one weakened, but with full storm it shrouds.

But in these hostilities as well,
one can’t help but wonder
if all this is just a figment, who can tell
of our vast, vast imagination, just some maunder.

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