Calling All Writers!

Literally Literary Prompt


Winnie Sidharta Ambron

It’s time for a new Literally Literary prompt! Drumroll, please!!! And the prompt is —


Bridge a generation gap or marvel at the architecture of one or tie a lock to show your love — bridges can be a witness to a wide variety of emotions and scenes. So, what visions does “bridge” show you? Show us. We are looking for poetry, prose, short-fiction, all of it.

We are running this prompt for two weeks, starting today.

Here’s something by the talented Anna Rozwadowska, to start us off!


If by chance one fortnight I shall find my oil infused wooden stairs
changed into the ether, I would jump in without hesitation any

explore the dainty expansive world of spinning energy
unbothered by slack simply entrenched in the constellations
they project to me my ancestors and lives of the past.
I feel the purse strings of the Universe dear God take me there,
where the living is the undying of souls bequeathed
by the armor of galaxies and in your eyes I behold the answers
I longed for, seeking on earth but they matter not,
answers are not sought when we jump unto bridges of heaven
they are floating you are floating shake the dust off the floor,

you have been called to undertake the human experience,
there is no such fooling.

Now it’s your turn!

Send us your finest work using the prompt ‘Bridge’. Literally Literary is looking for your creative, well-written pieces — poetry, prose, short-fiction, all of it.

Our followers number 24,000+ avid readers, so you are in a welcoming environment. The best 5 will be featured on the Literally Literary front page, Facebook and Twitter.

A few rules

  1. The submitted piece must contain a reference to the prompt.
  2. One of the tags must be “Bridge Prompt” and the other should be “Fiction”, “Poetry”, “Nonfiction” or “Essay”. The other tags are yours to use.
  3. Please limit submissions to two per person.
  4. An image must be used and all images must be credited appropriately. Please review our submission guidelines if you would like more guidance on image credits.
  5. Please edit for grammar. Although we, your editors, will work with you to help edit where necessary, we appreciate a proofread piece immensely.
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